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Our Staffing Solutions
What are a few of the challenges that many global organizations are facing when it comes to talent? A constant struggle to retain and train experts and a lack of required skills when and where they are needed.

Staff Lite's service offerings all include our unique, tested, super-duper 12 Step Process. Trust us, it's as cool as a recruiting process can be. After perusing our offerings, channel your inner thoughts and choose the Staff Lite solution that is "just right" for your organization, contact us to get started. However you ask us to support you, our fanatical devotion to finding the right people for the job never wavers.

Staff Augmentation
Do you have a large software project coming up - but not the permanent staff to handle it? Maybe you're thinking of implementing voice over IP for your call center, but don't have the telephony expertise in-house. Now, Staff Lite can help you find the best solution to your technical staffing issues.

With our new Staff Augmentation Services (SAS), we have put our years of experience locating and screening technical hires to work for our clients. We set a high bar for Staff Lite employees, and we'll make sure that you also get the best.

We do the work. You enjoy the rewards.

E-Business Consulting
Staff Lite, Xuture IT, Workforce Leads and VJ INC Consultants combine leadership skills and information technology expertise to assist clients in developing a technology plan that best suits their business. We help organizations maximize the benefits that technology lends to managing business by improving existing processes and infrastructure.

Custom Development
Staff Lite's custom application development services use technology to improve your bottom line by building custom components to automate manual tasks. By designing and implementing process strategies, improving front -- and back -- office workflows, and optimizing business process, we are able to achieve drastic improvements in quality, throughput, and turnaround time.

Outsource Your Recruiting
Staff Lite's Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) offering is the whole enchilada. Our team of Directors of Client Services and Hiring Consultants become your internal recruiting function, and leverage Staff Lite's proprietary technology, proven process and broad array of resources.

Augment Your Existing Team
Companies that have discrete hiring needs can engage Staff Lite on a project-by-project basis. With our minimalist staffing model, a company gets end-to-end support with no ongoing commitment.

Optimize with XHP - Xtended Hiring Platform
Staff Lite has evolved its technology to allow other companies -- both corporate recruiting functions and recruiting service providers -- to leverage our platform and process to deliver their own recruiting support. By implementing Staff Lite's Xtended Hiring Platform (XHP), you will see a 30%+ gain in productivity, allowing you to get more done with less staff or free your team up for higher level activities. Many companies use a combination of the XHP and our outsourcing capabilities to give them an infinitely scalable recruiting function and dramatically lower the use of expensive agencies and contract recruiters.

eXecutive Search - xSearch Platform
The advent of social networking, availability of information, transparency and the almost daily evolution of Web 2.0 have fundamentally changed the world. Until now, executive retained search has remained all but unchanged by these advancements. Using our xSearch Platform, combines the best in cutting edge resources with the white glove service expected of retained search.

Managed Resourcing
Staff Lite's managed resourcing teams provide an alternative between outsourcing and finding the resources (internally or via staff augmentation) for specific tasks/projects. Staff Lite provides experienced personnel who bring with them broad-based technology, industry expertise, and proven project management methodologies to deliver mission critical systems on-time and on-budget.

Our Managed Resourcing project teams include Project Managers, Data/Application Architects, Software Engineers, Quality Assurance, Software Testers, etc. with specific expertise in: Application and Data Migration, Customer Relationship Management, Data Warehousing, Enterprise Systems, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Procurement, Project Management, Supply Chain, Technology Discovery, Quality Assurance, Software Testing with expertise in:

  • Application and Data Migration
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Data Warehousing
  • E-Business
  • Enterprise Systems
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
  • HIPAA Services
  • Managed Offshore Development
  • Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Resource Augmentation
  • Security & Infrastructure
  • Supply Chain
  • Technology Discovery
  • Quality Assurance

Partnered Staffing - On-Site Management
Partnered Staffing allows businesses to focus on what they do best-their core competencies.

You need a large-scale temporary workforce, but you can't afford to decrease productivity or overburden your Human Resources department. With Staff Lite's innovative Partnered Staffing program, our on-site management specialist makes employing a flexible temporary workforce a convenient, productive and cost-effective solution.

Partnered Staffing helps coordinate your flexible workforce with your daily business needs. When you have an on-site manager that coordinates, supervises and optimizes the functions of the temporary employees throughout your company, you'll enjoy:

  • A single, accountable contact person
  • Ongoing monitoring and reallocation of temporary staff (potentially eliminating overstaffing and unnecessary overtime)
  • On-site recruitment and retention
  • Customized testing and training
  • Usage reports to track temporary help costs
  • Computer access to Staff Lite's extensive database of employees
  • Continuous quality-monitoring measures and proactive business reviews

Staff Augmentation Services Technology (SAST)
Our Staff Augmentation Services Technology (SAST) offerings include:

  • Major databases, including open source and third-party tools
  • Enterprise applications
  • Packaged applications from leading ISVs
  • Legacy applications & languages
  • Mainframe transaction processing
  • Middleware and groupware
  • SOA and modernization capabilities
  • Major operating systems
  • Web technologies
  • Testing tools and services
  • Risk management services
  • Professional payroll programs

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We specialize in helping clients create competitive advantages through high quality contingent workforces, professional payroll programs, risk management services, and other managed services across a variety of industries.

To consult with a Staff Lite representative regarding your needs or to request more information or a quote, please visit our Contact Us page.