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Staff Augmentation

Whether you need help from a handful of engineers to meet tight deadlines, an entire dedicated team to build an end-to-end solution, or a complete, turnkey Offshore Development Center (ODC), Staff Lite has the answers. Find out how we can help you put a flexible, cost-effective staff augmentation strategy in place.

When you've got IT and software projects that have to be delivered on time and on budget, people make the difference. Whether you need advanced technology consulting, IT infrastructure or software development support, Staff Lite offers staff augmentation options designed to meet your needs.

Our minimalist flexible approach allows you access to:

  • Specialized resources for short-term needs
  • Highly skilled resources
  • Long-term augmentation options

Our Infrastructure
Working with Staff Lite you can take advantage of our advanced infrastructure, well-trained and highly qualified people, and cost-effective approach that combines onshore, offshore and nearshore resources to meet your staffing needs for today and tomorrow. Our range of staff augmentation programs provide:

  • Dedicated virtual project teams comprised of onshore resources, senior project leaders and managers, and regional office support personnel
  • Unmatched skills, expertise and experience from our highly-trained team members
  • An advanced infrastructure, with award-winning security and IP protection
  • Highly effective process and project management

What is Staff Augmentation?
Staff augmentation is the process of hiring a dedicated team of additional staff to bring better efficiency and effectiveness in the work process. The system takes the wing as more and more companies are growing with their increasing needs. The element of staff augmentation can be visible across every department to achieve competence and unmatched standard of working. Normally, it is seen that human resources and sales wings of a corporation is likely to get the first advantage of staff augmentation. However, the necessity of this process cannot be denied in other areas of working too as it could lead to better management for the organization. This is reason why, HR & IT staff augmentation remains one of the most demanding and vigorous marketplaces in the world.

Why do we need the process of Staff Augmentation?
The process of staff augmentation is really useful in getting the best. There are many reasons for which we require the process of staff augmentation. Firstly, the abundance of HR & IT resources needs enough manpower to handle. Secondly, declining rates and narrowing margins for companies that require these services. And finally, it leads to specialization in the work.

How to search for skilled manpower?
Different companies follow different methodologies to find the right one for their meeting demands. One of the most common ways of staff augmentation is done through reaching out to companies like Staff Lite, Workforce Leads and Xuture IT, which provide necessary tools for recruiting, screening, training and customer service. Internal customized software designed to fulfill demands can also serve at an extent too.

Online search of competent staff can be a good option too. For finding the best online, you must be keen on the usability of many of the performing search engines. Check through the huge database to explore great talents hidden somewhere. Choose well to get the pool of talent. By implementing proper staff augmentation, you could feel the growth even faster than your sunniest forecasts ever projected.

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